2022 APCCMPD Leadership
Call for Nominations

Program Coordinator Committee


The Association of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine Program Directors (APCCMPD) is now accepting nominations for volunteer positions on the Program Coordinator Committee.

Committee Charge 

The APCCMPD Program Coordinator Committee (PCC) will promote and foster professional development among Program Coordinators, serve as a venue to exchange and implement ideas, and serve as a support system among peers. 

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Develop and serve as faculty for the Annual APCCMPD Program Coordinator Workshop (PCW).
  • Serve as the Award Review Committee for the APCCMPD Award for Innovative Fellowship Program Administration, recommending an Awardee(s) to the APCCMPD Board of Directors (BOD).
  • Facilitate the development of blog articles targeted to Program Coordinators.
  • Facilitate communication among Program Coordinators.
  • Recommend professional development opportunities and encourage continued education for Program Coordinators/Managers, including TAGME certification, where available.
  • Provide a support network among Pulmonary, Critical Care and PCCM Fellowship Program Coordinators in the areas of knowledge, experience, resources, and hands-on assistance, helpful to both new and seasoned coordinators, in the effective execution of their duties.
  • Create a venue for sharing best practices and current problems and solutions among peers.
  • Serve as an advisory group to the APCCMPD BOD and staff, and provide regular reporting on the activities and endeavors of the PCC.


The PCC, when fully constituted, shall have no fewer than four members-at-large. Each member shall be a current or former Program Coordinator within a Pulmonary, Critical Care or Pulmonary/Critical Care Medicine fellowship program. All members must be from a current member program of the APCCMPD.

Once constituted, vacant seats shall be filled by a nomination process from within the APCCMPD membership.

Term: PCC members shall be eligible for reappointment annually, for an unlimited number of terms. The PCC Chair will make a recommendation regarding the reappointment of the PCC member to the APCCMPD BOD each March.

Chair: The Chair shall serve a 2-year term independent from any term served as a member of the committee. The Chair is eligible for reappointment every two years, pending approval of the BOD. The Chair serves as liaison between the full committee and BOD. 

Immediate Past Chair: The Immediate Past Chair can serve in an Ex-officio capacity for two years.

Program Coordinator Workshop Subcommittee: The PCC Chair shall serve as the Chair of the Program Coordinator Workshop (PCW) Subcommittee. The PCW Subcommittee shall be constituted by up to three additional PCC members. The role of the PCW Subcommittee is to develop the annual PCW agenda and serve as faculty. Reimbursement for travel to the PCW will be in alignment with the APCCMPD Annual Conference Honorarium Policy.

Attendance and Participation Policy

  • The PCC meetings will be held on a monthly basis.
  • Members will be expected to attend two-thirds of the scheduled teleconferences each year.
  • In the event that a member is unable to participate in a scheduled meeting/ teleconference, they are expected to notify APCCMPD staff prior to the meeting.
  • If a member fails to meet the attendance requirements of the committee, the committee Chair will contact the member directly to discuss resolutions to satisfy the committee member’s responsibilities. If the member continues to fail to meet the attendance requirements, the member may be asked to step down from the committee. Requesting the committee member to step down is at the discretion of the committee Chair.

Required Nomination Material to be Submitted for the Program Coordinator Committee

All applicants must be from an APCCMPD member program and submit:

  • Completed CV or Resume
  • Completed Online Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form (view APCCMPD Leadership COI Policy)
  • Statement of Commitment and Purpose describing:
    • Why the applicant wants to serve on the APCCMPD PCC.
    • Their experience as a Fellowship Program Coordinator.
    • Statement of willingness to participate in all quarterly conference calls each year and spend up to 1-2 hours/month on committee work.

Nomination Process

Program Coordinator Committee vacancies shall be filled in the following manner:

  • In the fall of each election year, a Call for Program Coordinator Committee Nominations will be sent to all active members of the APCCMPD.
  • This Call for Nominations will be sent via blast e-mail to the membership, posted on the APCCMPD website, and announced at the APCCMPD member meeting held in conjunction with CHEST.
  • The APCCMPD staff shall review all committee members to ensure they meet the qualifications.
  • The sitting members of the PCC shall vote on the eligible applicants. Those with the highest number of votes shall be selected for nomination. If a tie vote occurs for the last member of the committee, the Chair may cast the deciding vote. Final appointments to the committee will be made by the APCCMPD BOD.

Submit Your Online Nomination


Deadline for

January 10, 2022
Inauguration of New
Member Survey Committee Member(s)
May 15, 2022 (at the business meeting held in conjunction with ATS 2022, San Francisco, CA)
Term Commences June 1, 2022