APCCMPD’s membership year runs from January 1 to December 31 of each year. Dues rates for the upcoming membership year are updated each October. If membership dues are not paid by December 31 for the upcoming membership year, subscriptions to the APCCMPD website and newsletter are automatically suspended. Upon receipt of the current dues payment, subscriptions will be reactivated and access to recent newsletters will be available via the website.

To receive member rates to attend the APCCMPD Annual Conference and register for the In-service Exam member dues must be current.

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Note: Both Program Directors and Program Coordinators can renew dues for their program. At this time you will have the ability to add new or delete old Program Directors, Associate Program Directors, Key Clinical Faculty and Program Coordinators. 

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If you have any questions regarding APCCMPD membership or member renewals, please contact our Executive Director, Joyce Reitzner.