APCCMPD Committees and Workgroups

The success of the APCCMPD, and Pulmonary, Critical Care and Pulmonary/Critical Care graduate medical education, depends on strong leaders who are prepared to tackle strategic challenges that face our fellowship community.

APCCMPD leadership teams are made up of professionals with different backgrounds and experience who bring varied viewpoints to the table. APCCMPD’s leadership opportunities are designed to support pulmonary, critical care, and pulmonary/critical care fellowship programs in fostering excellence in training and mentoring of the next generation of educators.

APCCMPD Committees and Workgroups

Ambulatory Care Curriculum Workgroup

Education Committee

Fellows Workgroup

In-service Exam Writing Committee

Member Survey Committee

Program Coordinator Committee

Voices in #Med Ed Associate Editors

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2023 Committee and Workgroup Call for Nominations

Other APCCMPD Member Engagement Opportunities