2023 APCCMPD Leadership
Call for Nominations

Ambulatory Care Curriculum Workgroup


The Association of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine Program Directors (APCCMPD) is now accepting nominations for volunteer positions on the Ambulatory Care Curriculum Workgroup (ACWG).

Value Statement

There is a need for enhanced ambulatory education in pulmonary fellowship training programs. In order to meet this need, a novel curriculum consisting of 40 case- and literature-based teaching scripts was piloted and developed at the University of Pennsylvania. This curriculum was shared with select training programs across the country via a two-year, multi-institution study supported by the APCCMPD, CHEST and ATS Education Research Award. The study showed that curriculum implementation was feasible and addressed a previously unmet need in fellowship training. Thus, the APCCMPD and the University of Pennsylvania have decided to make the curriculum available to all fellowship programs nationally. However, we need to ensure that the content is up-to-date based on new literature and practice recommendations.  

Workgroup Charge

The Ambulatory Care Curriculum Workgroup (ACWG) maintains, updates and disseminates the 40-topic ambulatory management curriculum to reflect current best practices and medical evidence.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Participate in a face-to-face Workgroup meeting at the APCCMPD Annual Conference.
  • Participate in 1-2 additional telephone conferences to discuss progress.
  • Assume responsibility for updating 3-4 teaching scripts on an annual basis. 
    • Members can find volunteers to help with this task or assume the responsibility themselves. 
    • Authorship will be credited to both the original topic author as well as those who make ongoing updates to the teaching scripts.
    • Members can choose their preferred topics from a list (see chart above). We will be mindful to carefully distribute those teaching scripts requiring more active input evenly with those topics for which we anticipate less active ongoing review/editing.  
    • The deadline for submitting updated teaching scripts will be June 30, 2020 for the first cycle, then February 1 for each year thereafter.


The ACWG, when fully constituted, shall have no fewer than 10 members-at-large. Each member shall be a current or former Training Program Director, Associate Program Director, or serve as faculty within a graduate or undergraduate medicine program.

Once constituted, vacant seats shall be filled by a nomination process from within the APCCMPD membership. Upon a vacancy, the remaining ACWG members will determine which content areas require expertise.

ACWG Members: shall serve a 2-year term and be eligible for reappointment of additional 2-year terms for as long as they are willing to participate. ACWG members will be notified, in writing, of completion of their service to the Workgroup. 

Chair: The Chair shall serve a 2-year term independent from any term served as a member of the committee. The Chair is eligible for reappointment every two years, for up to two 2-year terms, pending approval of the BOD. The Chair serves as liaison between the full committee and BOD. 

Vice-Chair: The BOD will initially appoint a Vice-Chair. Once convened, the Vice-Chair shall be recommended by the Chair from among ACWG members who have served for at least one year. At termination of the Chair’s term, the Vice-Chair shall assume the position of Chair, pending approval of the BOD. In the Chair’s absence, the Vice-Chair will serve as Chair.

Immediate Past Chair: The Immediate Past Chair can serve in an Ex-officio capacity for two years.

Eligibility Criteria for the Position of Ambulatory Care Curriculum Workgroup Member

  • Be a current or former training Program Director, Associate Program Director, or serve as faculty within a graduate or undergraduate medicine program.
  • It is preferred that the Workgroup members possess one or more of the following qualifications:
    • Has knowledge of adult learning principles.
    • Has expertise in content areas covered by faculty in pulmonary, critical care, and/or pulmonary/critical care medicine fellowship programs. 
    • Is currently employed within an APCCMPD member program.

Nomination Process

ACWG vacancies shall be filled in the following manner:

  • In the fall of each election year, a Call for Ambulatory Care Curriculum Workgroup Nominations will be sent to all active members of the APCCMPD. Applicants should have the ability to commit to the roles and responsibilities as outlined above.
  • The Chair and Vice-Chair shall review all ACWG members to ensure they meet the qualifications.
  • The sitting members of the ACWG shall vote on the eligible applicants. Those with the highest number of votes shall be selected for nomination. If a tie vote occurs for the last member of the workgroup, the Chair may cast a deciding vote. Final appointments to the workgroup will be made by the APCCMPD BOD. 

Required Nomination Material to be Submitted for the Ambulatory Care Curriculum Workgroup 

  • Up-to-date Biosketch or CV
  • Completed Online Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form (view APCCMPD Leadership COI Policy)
  • A Statement of Commitment and Purpose describing their:
    • History of work in GME as related to the required qualifications.
    • Commitment to the goals of the APCCMPD.
    • Statement of willingness to commit to the roles and responsibilities as outlined above.
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